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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  December 9, 2015 1:37am-2:13am PST

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home.. after what happened that when he hit her on the back of the head with the back of his gun. >> tonight a bay area mother says she doesn't feel safe in her own home after what happened to her nanny. >> the attack happened in orinda on el castillo right off of 24 but the story doesn't end there. what the robber did next. >> the robber left the nanny bloodied, bruised, and afraid. tonight orinda police tell me they still made no arrests. >> i was in shock. i couldn't believe it of course. it's like a big nightmare. >> reporter: the nightmare began this afternoon outside
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karen's orinda home. a man approached the nanny who was sweeping up the yard and asked her a question. minutes later once the nanny was inside, orinda police say the man returned with a gun and this time he broke in. >> kicked the door in, breaking it off the frame and entered the house presenting a pistol. >> reporter: he wanted money and when the nanny told him the family doesn't carry cash -- >> that's when he hit her on the back of the head with the back of his gun. >> reporter: police say the robber dragged the nanny from room to room, grabbing valuables. before he left he demanded the keys to the family porsche and took off in it. the nanny ran next door to david funk's house. >> there was a bit of blood on her hand and she was motioned to the back of her neck where i saw there was a contusion there. >> reporter: karen says the nanny will be okay but went to the hospital tonight. she wasn't the only one shaken up. >> my favorite-year-old was home and saw everything. >> reporter: tonight police are looking at surveillance video but so far have no leads.
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karen says she no longer feels safe in her own home. >> being in orinda, you think it's safe and the schools are great. so you would never think that would happen here. >> police are asking the public to be on the lookout for that stolen porsche. it is a black black cayenne suv. christin ayers, kpix 5. this guy looks like a sheriff's deputy but police say he's a fake. he's been going around grocery stores in san mateo posing as a deputy. in this surveillance video you see him in uniform complete with a tactical vest, belt, and some patches. police say he told an employee he was investigating a theft and demanded he question someone inside the cash office. the suspicious cashier said no way and the man took off. >> this one we take personal but he saw to exploit the trust
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the public puts in our uniform so we're pretty much going to stop at nothing to catch him. >> investigators looking whether he's also behind an attempted robbery at a safeway store in san mateo last month. in that case two suspects fled when none of the employees could open the safe. tonight we're learning the couple behind the san bernardino massacre may have been plotting another attack three years ago. cnn says syed farook and tashfeen malik had a target in 2012 but got scared when several terrorist arrests were made in the san bernardino area and called it off. the feds are looking in to a loan taken out from online lender prosper. $28500 were deposited in to his bank account last month. there's been a spike in gun sales. more than two dozen people were lined up outside when it opened this morning.
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it is a similar story at the gun range where syed did target practice two days before the attack. business there is up 60%. he's been called un-american, compared to adolph hitler. tonight donald trump is not backing down from his plan to ban muslims from the united states. the new york daily news reads, when trump came for the mexicans, i did not speak out, as i was not a mexican. when he came for the muslims, i did not speak out, as i was not a muslim. then he came for me. now we're learning there's a push to ban donald trump from entering the uk. allen martin tells us more about it. >> it's a petition to ban donald trump for violating the anti-hate laws. the condemnation is coming from all sides. >> donald j. trump is calling
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for a completely and total shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. >> reporter: campaigning in south carolina last night, trump suggested muslim animosity toward america was widespread and conjured memories of 9/11. >> it's going to get worse and worse. you're going to have more world trade centers. >> reporter: this morning trump was asked how the ban would work. >> a customs agent would ask the person his or her religion? >> that would be probably -- they would say, are you muslim? >> and if they said yes, they would not be allowed in the country? >> that's correct. >> reporter: top republicans such as house speaker paul ryan were quick to denounce trump. >> this is not conservatism. what was proposed yesterday is not what this party stands for and more importantly it's not what this country stands for. >> reporter: republican national committee chairman previs who so far has remained neutral in the race said
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fighting terrorism should not come, quote, at the expense of our american values. trump's gop rival texas senator ted cruz weighed in. >> i do not agree with his proposal. >> reporter: legal scholars say the ban would violate numerous international treaties. >> you simply can't treat people differently on the basis of religion. you can't discriminate against them on that basis. >> reporter: trump supporters like candy parker backed the gop frontrunner if for no other reason he's outspoken. >> the idea he's okay with being out there and saying what he believes and not being afraid and having a backbone to say it, i'm okay with that. >> it's pretty clear trump doesn't mind criticism. in fact some might say he thrives on it. today he played up a new usa today suffolk university poll that showed 68% of his supporters would vote for him if he ditched the republican party and ran as an independent.
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gop leaders say if he were to do that, it would guarantee a democratic victory. out of the south bay mosque tonight muslims gathered to condemn the recent violence and donald trump's message. >> we feel that what is said is illegal, unconstitutional, and unwise. we feel that from a leader or from a potential leader we expect wisdom. >> the organizers say isis has hijacked the religion of islam and doesn't represent the 1.9 billion muslims around the world. the founder of the iconic clothing company the north face has died. the company got its start here in san francisco almost 50 years ago. andria borba on the legacy he left behind. >> douglas tompkins was kayaking at lake general carrerra in chile when his kayak
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capsized in 40-degree water. >> reporter: douglas tompkins, the man who kicked off conservation movement that all start would a grand opening party helmed by the grateful dead in north beach died in a kayaking accident in chile. >> very sad because he loved the outdoors. >> reporter: tompkins founded the north face in 1966. the roinl store was -- the original store was on columbus street. >> he started the outdoor industry. >> reporter: he always had a mission in mind. >> we have to protect the places where we play. that's critical. that's definitely a big part of his legacy. >> reporter: at north face headquarter in alameda, his legacy to lead certified building design can be seen all around. >> he and chris were so dedicated to saving the planet and to help inform us as to how be responsible businesses. his loss is just so profound and so
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huge. >> reporter: tompkins bought more than 2 million acres of rain forest in chile and argentina to protect them from destruction, eventually moving to south america. this is tompkins at the global economic symposium. >> whether each individual has the courage and the integrity to be absolutely light on the earth and leave a very, very mild carbon footprint, that's one question. >> tompkins is survived by his wife, brother, mother, and daughter. the new san francisco arena for the warriors looks like a slam dunk tonight. the board of supervisors overwhelmingly approved the environmental impact report. just about the only thing that could stop the mission bay project is a lawsuit. the team says it is expecting a legal fight. the warriors want to open the $1 billion arena in time for the
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2018 season. tonight a popular east bay lake is closed because of toxic algae. people are not allowed to go in to the water at lake del valle in livermore. the east bay regional park district says it is safe because of the treatment process. the toxic algae was discovered yesterday. big changes in the weather are coming our way. clouds were rolling in over downtown san jose this evening. this is time lapse video and you can see the changes, definitely gloomy skies out there. paul says we can see some rain as soon as tomorrow. >> clouds first, rain next. we're looking at kpix 5 hi-def radar. north bay, you may get some rain by tomorrow. let's take a look at futurecast. there it is, the green, even some yellow. we'll see showers in marin, sonoma, napa, lake county. mendocino coupd. -- county.
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at pass level 1 to 2 feet of new snow by friday morning. travel delays, yes, but happy skiers and snowboarders, the answer there is a definite yes. we'll talk about how much rain and go hour by hour when the rain moves in and out. the key day is thursday. buy a house with no money down. tonight the new kind of loan only available in the bay area and now to qualify for it. >> they look good, but pilots say these new holiday lights are causing some big problems in the sky. tonight we see what makes them so dangerous. >> they claim it is better than botox. similar results with no needles. do these products really make you look younger? really make you look younger? ,,,,,,
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but now there's a new kind loan that could help. even if you don't have the money we all know buying a house in the bay area is expensive. but now there is a new kind of loan that could help even if you don't have the money for a down payment. the san francisco federal credit union is offering a special home loan with up to 100% financing. that can mean a zero down payment. it is called a poppy. you must work in san francisco or san mateo ao county. >> we saw a lot of members come in and really want to buy a home in the middle market where they have good jobs and make good income but don't have the full
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20% down. >> applicants will go through a strict vetting process. even the home you buy has to be approved by the credit union. it's that time of year. a lot of people pulling out the holiday lights. there's a new easy way to cover your entire house but those colorful displayerize display -- diz plays are doing a lot more than dazzling the neighbors. they're blinding pilots. >> reporter: he's been blinded by a popular new kind of christmas light. >> very scary. it's potentially damaging to eyes. >> reporter: laze -- laser beams are becoming a fast and easy way to decorate the house for christmas but they aren't putting pilots in the holiday move. >> people need to be more cautious for the aircraft flying around them. >> getting hit with one of these laser beam lights lights up the cockpit like the north pole. >> it's going to bounce off everything in there. you're
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completely engulfed in green light that's flickering all over the place. it's completely blinding. >> reporter: an american airlines pilot landing last week in dallas, texas reported getting beamed with a laser. the culprit, a christmas display 22 miles away. pilots joke calling it geted lazed but they are still taking it very seriously and so is the faa. >> there's a lot of things as technology improves that people need to think out a little bit more. >> reporter: in san francisco, mark kelly, kpix 5. looks like mark zuckerberg is enjoying his new role tonight. the facebook ceo posted this photo today with the caption, full of joy with little max. she is about two weeks now. when she was born, he and his wife pledged to donate 99% of their facebook shares. with everyone facebooking, instagraming, constantly taking selfies, who doesn't want to look a little younger, maybe less wrinkled? if you don't want to go the botox route,
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there are new less painful products out there. julie watts puts them to the test. >> reporter: you may have seen them online. skin creams marketed as better than botox or products claiming to eliminate wrinkles using a popular gel instead of injections. who doesn't want to look younger? >> how many years are we going to take off here? >> oh, maybe 10. >> reporter: how well do these products work? we decided to put a couple to the test. consumer watch volunteer shelly is 81 years young and hopeful the answer is yes to the question can you really look visibly younger in just 60 minutes? she applied it to the bottom left side of her face and the other product, pure eternal to the top left, slathering a little extra on what she calls her problem spots. then we waited one hour in our studios. before heading down to stanford hospital's laser and aesthetic
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dermatology center where the doctor examined shelly's results. his assessment -- >> those wrinkles on her left cheek are a little bit less subtle. >> reporter: he notes some skin smoothing but not much change with the pure eternal which advertises an instant facelift. though it does recommend daily loose. he's not surprised the product didn't live up to its better than botox claim. >> it's a little bit of a tough pill to swallow or tough sell from a medical standpoint. >> reporter: he said botox is injected directly in to the wrinkles. >> they can help with wrinkles that are static, that are not affected by underlying muscles. >> reporter: he cautions most creams are considered cosmetics so they're not regulated by the fda. though he says a good moisturizer can temporarily affect the look of fine lines.
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you be the judge. did shelly look visibly younger in just 60 minutes? >> i'm looking at you and actually in this light it does seem like your frown lines are a little bit lighter and the line right here, your two problem areas are a little bit lighter. you don't see any change? >> not really. i would like to. >> i don't know, shelly, i think you do. >> it sells for about $65 and the company tells us results are, quote, sometimes better than expected, sometimes less. but they stress it's, quote, similar to botox. unlike pure eternal which says their product is better than botox. pure eternal costs about $100 and reps did not respond to our request for comment. julie watts, kpix 5. >> she looks great. >> i think she looked great before. >> save your money. she looks good. you know the remedy we need
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around here? rainfall. get rid of this drought. let's erase it from our memory. it's going to take a lot of rain to do that. let's hope it takes all winter long. kpix 5 hi-def doppler radar is tracking rainfall to our north. the rest of us tomorrow night and thursday. oakland tonight, 52. san jose, 49 degrees. warm night, cloudy night, humid night. heavy snowfall expected in the sierra. that's a sign we have a storm coming. 5,000 feet in elevation, up to a foot of snow pass level, and a wind advisory in effect for the north bay mountains. higher elevations of the north bay could see gusts 40 to 50 miles per hour lasting through thursday morning all because of a front. big time front. i'm looking on twitter the past 10 or 15 minutes. numerous high water rescues in northwestern oregon and southwestern washington. it's critical situation just too much rain too quickly. we do not want that but we do want a steady soaking rainfall and it's likely to arrive by this time
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tomorrow night. futurecast, 9:00 in the morning. rain begins for you. that's where it stays for the majority of wednesday. we do not see the steady rainfall working south of the golden gate until 4:00 or 5:00 thursday morning. very wet, very windy for the morning commute then moving out. let's talk about the rainfall. how much rain can we expect? thursday morning, mainly north bay. santa rosa and ukiah well over ainch of rainfall. half inch for concord. half inch for san jose and nearly .3 of an inch for san francisco. that would give us what we need. north bay showers tomorrow, rain and wind. for the rest of us thursday morning, going to be a pretty wet pattern and gets cranking this time tomorrow night. napa tomorrow, 63. cloudy. but the rain stays north. thursday morning but showers linger all the way till friday morning and only one dry day in between. saturday we have dry weather then sunday the next round of rainfall which will linger in to monday. no washouts but we're getting
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there. we're getting more rain. >> what we've been waiting for. waiting a long time. tonight scientists say they have the answer to an age old question. who's really a better navigator, man or woman? >> we know the answer to that one. coming up on the late show with stephen colbert, george saunders and joanna newsom.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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days... and these people clearly can't wait... they e camped out right now in frof with just nine more days and these people clearly can't wait. they've camped out right now in front of hollywood boulevard's iconic chinese theater to be first in line for star wars: the force awakens. there was a sign that said star wars, the line awakens. this is where the first star wars movie premiered in 1977 and these fans feel the force is strong. >> i hope they have tickets. it's an argument as old as the ages. who makes a better driver? >> men or women maybe? some scientists in norway have
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concluded that men are better navigators. the question is why? they use navigation tests to see if testosterone played a role in the results. negative. they say ev olution made men and women's brains develop differently. they say hunters are better at finding the house while gatherers are better at finding what's inside the house. >> what do people in norway driving in san francisco for? [ laughter ] dennis. >> talk about the evolution of the golden state warriors continuing in full force. the force is with them. we have the basketball shot of the year. i don't care if your kids are asleep. wake them up. they want to see it. the warriors take their road show to indiana.
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indiana golden state would 13- and-0 with every win, it seems like the warriors are setting the new record. tonight with a win in indiana golden state would be 13-0 away from home. best road start in nba history. the pacers' solomon hill trying to be like steph. you got work to do, buddy. late 1st quarter, warriors up 13 already. curry knocks down the 3. they led by 16. final minute of the half, 76-59. off the loose ball, curry to klay. thompson had 29 in the 1st half. finish would 39 points on 103-pointers. 2nd half, rogan, alley-oop from
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steph. he had 14 points, 10 rebounds. warriors by 28 after three but indiana did rally in the 4th. klay rolls his ankle but doesn't believer the injury is serious. they're now tied for the second longest win streak in nba history at 27. >> we know our standard. we know we didn't meet that standard in the 4th quarter but we came out an 8-point win and we move on. those guys were in the media saying this was a must-win game for them. for us to play the way we did says a lot about us. to the ice. 2nd period, tied at 2. they win 4-2. hour -- our top one of the
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night. watch what happens. for the win off the missed free throw, that was oman running it full length and they win 57-56. we'll be right back.,,,,,,,,,,,,
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just press clean and let roomba from irobot® help with your everyday messes. roomba navigates your entire home cleaning up pet hair and debris for up to 2 hours. which means your floors are always clean. you and roomba from irobot® better together™. newscast is tomorrow mornin 4-30. the late show with stephen colbert is coming up next. >> next newscast, tomorrow morning at 4:30. rain tomorrow
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morning. >> north bay. >> have a good night.,,,,,,,,


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